Hello readers

If you’ve made your way here from my blog on the Hindustan Times website, you already know that this is the start of something new. The fun and games will begin shortly. If you’d like to be informed when they do, just leave your email id in the comments.
See you soon,


About nehadara

Neha Dara wishes she was footloose (– adjective, free to go or travel about; not confined by responsibilities). But she constantly complains that she’s a travel editor who spends more time reading about other people’s travels than doing any of her own. Still, she manages to find enough time for extracurricular activities like floating down rivers on truck tyres, falling off a scooty in Diu’s bylanes, and a mad dash across India and Nepal in an autorickshaw, racing against the monsoon.
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2 Responses to Hello readers

  1. Simi Thakur says:

    A very good travel piece.Reading it made me feel as though I am experiencing it.

  2. yak says:

    I absolutely agree with the lady above…

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